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  • New small fisheye s-mount lenses

    Towin has launched many kinds of m12 (board mount, s mount) lenses. There will be a new 5megapixel small fisheye lens released soon. Its image circle is diameter 4.7mm to match 1/2” sensor. More detail, please send email to ask the datasheet.
    Until now Towin has launched:
    -Ultra wide angle lenses, from 5 to 14megapixel. They are widely used in sports action cameras and video cameras… such as GoPro Hero cameras.
    -Non-distortion lenses, 5megapixel wide angle.
    -Fisheye lenses, from 5 to 8megapixel and small dimension.
    -Low light sensitive lenses, true F1.4.
    More detail, please review our product websites or contact to us.

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